General / 30 August 2019

Study at TAW (first models and learning MARI)

The project development is going actually slow. We started learning as if we never had modelled before (which was really useful to practice the basics) and I started developing my first assets along the way. We learned MARI, which I never used before and I actually liked it even if it was a bit difficult for me to get used to the workflow that you need to follow on MARI. For now this are some of the assets and are being developed. The main asset (the spaceship) would be rigged and I would try to animate it a bit in order to be able to implement it in the video plate. This are some captures of the work I've been doing so far.

This are some AO kit bashing I did first to sketch the shape of the spaceship

A final render I managed to do with one om my assets. Done in MAYA, MARI, SUBSTANCE PAINTER AND ARNOLD.