General / 24 August 2019

Study at TAW ( My final project)

So as I told you, we already have assigned our final project for the end of the course. It has to be a composition with CGI of a recorded scene where we have to implement 3D models. In my case, I'm going to go for a sci-fi scenario with some spaceships landing and some sci fi props. There are to variants to choose from to develop yourself with this project, as an asset builder or as a compositor. In my case, I'm going for the first option and that's why I'm going to try to challenge me with a lot of hard surface modelling.

This are the scenes from my plate, its a pan that reveals this flat surface. I thought it would be really cool to reveal a spaceship there.

For the preproduction, I already started with some concept art and some sketches/ mockups. I want to give it a look as if it was a futuristic station with some ships arriving or leaving.

Some ships design, I ended up liking the one that looks like it has tentacles.

My three stages for the project would be 1) space ships/back building with matte painting and box props 2)cables and station poles around (and may something else ) 3)some simulations and animation.

The quick concept of the spaceship itself, now it would go all about modelling props.