General / 14 August 2019

Study in TAW (The Animation Workshop) (ARRIVAL AND FIRST IMPRESSIONS)

It was a veeery long trip from Madrid to Viborg, but we managed to arrive. I arrived a few days earlier because I wanted to do some sightseeing in Denmark before the course started so I'm not officially installed yet. This are some first impression because I was really excited when I arrived and wanted to see the school first thing.

People in Denmark have been very nice and polite. When I arrived at the school I met the person in charge of the organisation and he was very nice and welcoming. He told me a bit about the organisation and even help to by letting me borrow some kitchen utensils so I could use them afterwards in my room at the residency (I don't have any tools to cook at the residency so I was going to go to buy them). The utensils were second hand donated by other students in other courses who couldn´t take whatever they bought back to their homes. Still, because I arrived so early, 7 days before the classes started, not everything was ready yet so I was able to see very little of the interior of the buildings or the classes.

I went around the outside to see the exterior. It`s really cool!!!

There are barbecues and a big bonfire in the middle of the campus buildings. Also an outdoor gym. The place looks really nice.

Can´t wait to see the interior.