General / 20 August 2019

Study at TAW (First day, tour and final project intro)

So classes have started. We all arrived and received our keycard. From now until the end of the course we have full access to the workshop 24 / 7 to work. The school is amazing!. It`s really beautiful. Every class it`s packed with all the equipment necessary to work with. Each class has its own room and it would always be the same room for the rest of the 4 months. Our class even has a little kitchen so we can get coffee without stopping learning. Also like, on the outside we have barbeques, a gigantic bonfire and there are some dogs around. HOW COOL IS THAT? The first weeks would be modelling. Also the staff. Everyone was so welcoming, they even bought us lunch the first day. 

Schools from the outside:

We were given already our final project description. We had to choose from a bunch of different recorded plates with tracking spots. From there we would have to develop some 3D modelling to integrate with CGI. The project is divided into 3 stages so we can evaluate our own limits and be able to reach our deadline. From now on, my updates would be about the project itself as for the day to day in the school I guess it won't change much from now on.

This is the class:

One last thing, I moved all my stuff already to my dorm. The student residence is great and its really near the school. Room is really nice and has big windows which lead to a lot of light to come in. It´s awesome, this experience is going to be great.

That's all for now, folks!!!