General / 12 August 2019

The Animation Workshop HERE WE GO! (packing advice)

I'm leaving tomorrow first at 6 am. I hate to wake up early but it would be worth it.

I'm only taking the red suitcase for the 4 months. I´ve tried to reduce everything to the most basic need as I don´t know what it's going to happen with me there. So just in case, my advice is to keep some space free in case you need to bring something back. I'm from Spain so now we are having a warm-weather but up there its much colder so I'm taking most of my fall/winter clothes.

The IMPORTANT thing is that I'm not taking any device with me that I'm used to work with (PC, graphic tablet, camera....). The school should provide you with everything that you need to work with so I'm just taking my surface pro so I can use it in my room, and some sketchbooks.

I can´t say much more about my packing. I'm doing this post because if anyone in the future happens to seed this post and needs any help please ask here any doubts about packing!

The residence where I'm staying it´s called Camp Logos 

 ( Stadion Alle 11, Tingvej 19, Prinsens Allé 1 - 3, Stadion Allé 4, Stadion Alle , Asmildklostervej  9 B, Stadion Alle 6-8, 8800 Viborg )

I would be posting again when I arrive there